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Hard-Anodized Cookware: Advantages & Disadvantages

The Advantages:
  • Extra Hard - The outstanding feature of this kind of cookware is very durable. By anodized aluminum, itís scratch resistant Ėno chip or peel easily. In fact, itís twice harder than alloy like stainless steel. (Calphalon claims that their products are over 80% harder.) However, the strength of each product depends on the anodizing process.
  • Non-Toxic Nonstick - Unlike Teflon, the smooth surface is from electro-chemical anodized process which creates layers of nonstick. So, it doesnít use PFOA for production.
  • Non-Reactive - Unlike other metallic pans, the non-porous coat locks in the aluminum inside for preventing aluminum leaching possibility when cooking acidic food like tomato sauces or lemon juices.
  • High Cooking Performance - By advantaging from whole aluminum building, it unsurprisingly conducts heat very fast and evenly. The ability of heat conductivity is inferior to pure aluminum, though.
  • Easy to Clean - As smoothly nonstick, hard-anodized products are very easy to clean.

The Disadvantages:
  • Expensive Than Conventional Nonstick - This kind of cookware is rather pricey than usual nonstick pans, but worth to buy. For the better option, try to look for long warrantee.
  • Avoid High Heat - As absorbing heat very quickly, this cookware does well for medium to medium high temperature for long cooking. Avoid pre-heat on high, too.
  • No Cooking Spray - Any aerosol sprays have a chemical propellant and water. When preheat pan, the water and chemical will evaporate instantly and leave sticky remainder which are hard to remove. This makes the pan become stick later. Use little oil or butter to wipe the inside surface of the pan, instead.
  • Hand Wash - Any hard-anodized and nonstick products arenít good for dishwasher. Though some of them are labeled dishwasher-safe, such as Circulon Symmetry, Calphalon Unison and T-fal Ultimate, typically the experts still suggest washing by hand for keeping longer uses.
  • No Abrasive and Scratchy Sponges - Like traditional pans, dishwashing detergent and soft bristle, like Scoth-Brite, is good and enough for cleaning. For burnt spots, keep the pan cool and soak in hot soapy water for 10 minutes, and follow with regular cleaning.
  • Not Induction-Safe - Most of these gears arenít compatible with induction cooktops, as induction stove requires magnetic referral in the bottom. However, there are some cookwares which are designed for this kind of stove, for example, Circulon Symmetry.

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