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Is Stainless Steel Cookware Safe?

Since stainless cookware is made from compound metals, it’s acceptable about strength and resistance. On the other hand, the metals used in this cookware, which are iron, nickel and chromium, may be questioned about health effects and food safety. These are some arguments about possible dangerous health effects that may occur from substantial materials of stainless:


The effect of Iron issue is debating, as iron is an substantial nutrient to build red blood. As the result, you may notice it is added in most of baby formulas today.

However, too much of it may be harmful. In the fact that most people in North America are more likely get not enough iron, and iron-made cookware brings less than 20% of total daily iron intake. As the result, stainless and iron cookware are considered as a safe materials to use.


Nickel may at risk to harm human. However, like the case of iron, it’s little amount to cause severe effect unless you’re using poor quality or had nickel allergenic. As a stainless cookware consistence, nickel will be solute in a very small amount that not in the poisonous level to human–only between 150 to 250 micrograms daily. That means: if you uses ‘quality’ stainless cookware that usually coated with nickel-resistance layer, even cooking acidic food, such as tomato spaghetti sauces, will not have significantly bad effect to your health.

For nickel allergenic-reaction people, that the small amount of nickel can be harmful, may have to look for other cooking materials. You may using smaller proportions of nickel in stainless cookware or choose 18/0 or 18/8 instead of 18/10. (Chromium: Nickel)


Like iron, small amount of chromium is good for your health but not if higher, as it’s an essential element for human. Normally, the safe quantity to intake is average 50 to 200 micrograms daily. From Health Care of Canada, a meal cooking by stainless steel cookware will contain 45 micrograms of chromium, which can’t be effectively harmful.

To further read about cookware’s safety issues, see The Safe of Uses Cookware guidelines

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