All-Clad Stainless

No need to describe much about All-Clad cookware, it’s widely accepted by professionals and reviewers, includes Cook's Illustrated and Consumer Reports, for exceptional quality. Reputable for workmanship, quality and performance –All-Clad has everything for pros and serious cooks.

All-Clad Stainless

What we like: This is the professional and international bestseller cookware that renowned for extremely high quality–Tri-ply material, metal boning construction, USA made and all-the-purpose uses. For All-Clad, there’s no doubt about cooking performance. The big key is the pure and thick highly conductive aluminum core wrapped by muti-layers of stainless from bottom to rim makes it great for heat distribution and lessens hot spots.

The 18/10 304 stainless brushed finishing builds non-scratch and non-stick cookware, while magnetic stainless running outside makes beautiful and shiny look. It allows using on induction, gas, as well as electric stoves (oven-safe to 500°F). This set can go in the dishwasher without a problem, but we still recommended hand wash for keeping shiny polish. It’s also broiler-safe and freezer-safe.

The size is perfect for normal uses. It has 10 basic pieces, which is wisely designed for being sensible uses. You’ll have three sufficient sizes of saucepan, large capacity of stock pot, a sauté pan and two roomy skillets. The new version of All-Clad cookware has improved the lids for more stay-cooler and comfy to grip.

For more outside reviews, All-Clad cookware is widely accepted by tons of professional reviewers. Cook's illustrated picked the 12-inch fry pan as their favorite choice for perfect searing and browning. Also, they included this cookware into one of six cook set in 2009. Good Housekeeping (GHI Test) gave high rating for 12-inch skillet, too. Also, we've found a plenty of positive opinions from New York Times, as well as real owners at,,, William Sonoma and more other retailers.

What we don't like: Just one word–it’s pricey. But don’t let the price scares you off. When consider to the quality and lifetime warrantee that will be last for long, it’s worth every penny. Another minor point, for its indestructible construction, some reviewers said it’s quite heavy to toss with one hand when the food is inside.

The Verdict

Overall, if you’re finding the excellent cookware which is simply professional, superb quality, sturdy, trusted USA handcraft, attractive design and lifetime warrantee, this is definitely what you’re looking for.

Product Specs:
Model 501853
Pot Material
Lid Material Stainless steel
Handle Material Stainless steel
Size 10 pieces:
- 2-quart sauce pan w/cover
- 3-quart sauce pan w/cover
- 3-quart sauté pan w/cover
- 8-quart stock pot w/cover
- 8" skillet
- 10" skillet
Heat Resistant
Handle Heat Resistant
Oven Safe
Dishwasher-Safe Yes
Broiler-Safe Yes
Induction Compatible Yes
Warranty Lifetime
*Retail price at date of review

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