Rachael Ray Hard Anodized II

Thinking about having a nice simply nonstick, scratch resistant, dishwasher-safe and stylish, while getting bang your buck–ask for Rachael Ray hard-anodized nonstick II.

Rachael Ray Hard Anodized II

What we like: No need to be a fan of Rachael Ray, the TV’s celebrity chef, to appreciate, this worth set of nonstick cookware will make you fall in love with. What’s new? While the Rachael’s earlier version of hard-anodized cookware is warmly welcomed by many home chefs, the new version is improved for more pleasurable, dishwasher-safe.

With hard-anodized aluminum feature, it performs pretty good for heat distribution and fewer hot spots, as well as stronger construction. In our views, this is a medium-price cookware which does satisfied jobs for most casual chefs or home cooks. It’s really designed for easier browning or sautéing, as well as frying soft ingredients like eggs, without burning.

This updated version is still in our favorite pick for easy to use. The glass lids make easy to monitor food. The size is compact, which is advisable for bachelors, new couples, college students or less than four hungers. Soft rubberized grips are comfortable and no-slip to hold and stay cool when cooking. Moreover, the beautiful modern style is absolutely real bonus.

For more reviews, Good Housekeeping rated the older version A-, for even heat, steady simmer and nonstick finish. Moreover, it did the nice result in ‘Anna and Kristina’s Grocery bag TV show test’. This cookware received good sounds from reviewers in many retailers, most for nonstick, practical and easy to clean.

What we don't like: Some reviewers feel it fairly light and thin when compare to other high-brands, like Calphalon. Also, it’s best use for medium-high heating which may be limited for some types of recipes. The rubber coated handles is oven-safe only 350 degree F, which is quite low comparing to others.

The Verdict

Whether you are entry levels or home cooks who need simply nonstick with dishwasher-safe cookware for daily cooking, which won’t break your bank, this cookware is well-worth recommended. The beautiful style is our desirable, too.

Product Specs:
Model 359861
Pot Material
Lid Material Tempered Glass
Handle Material Rubber
Size 10 pieces:
- 1-quart saucepan w/cover
- 2-quart saucepan w/cover
- 3-quart sauté pan w/cover
- 6-quart stock pot w/cover
- 8.5" skillet
- 10" skillet
Heat Resistant
Handle Heat Resistant
Oven Safe
Dishwasher-Safe no
Broiler-Safe no
Induction Compatible no
Warranty Lifetime Limited
*Retail price at date of review

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