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Is it Safe to Use Scratch Nonstick Pan

My nonstick pan is scratched. Should I use it or throw it?

If nonstick pans are in your kitchen, sooner or later, there’s a time to face with this common question. Well, there’re two most-found causes that will majorly ruin your nonstick cookware---high heat and metal tools. No matter what it will be damaged from any reasons; the question is that ‘How safe to use the scratch Teflon pan’.

After published the report in 2006, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) raised the huge panic among health-conscious people from PFOA, the Teflon substance. As you may known, PFOA is thought to develop higher blood pressure and bird-flu symptom. While scratched Teflon coat is suspected to cause the leaching of aluminum, the inner core of the pan, which can potentially link to Alzheimer's disease. Well, this makes your Teflon pan looks too hazardous.

In fact, minor scratches on your pan doesn’t dangerous. According from Dupont, the improved version of nonstick coats these days make scratches much less effects. Above from appearance, minor and shallow scratches on the coats of your pan can’t significantly lessen the cooking performance and food safety. Though slightly remarks aren’t harmful, the ‘ugly’ pan, that full with deep scratches and noticeable peels, is considered to be dangerous and recommended replacing the new one. To sum up, the risk from scratching issue depends on how severe of the damage of the coat of the nonstick cookware.

To avoid scratching, stay away from the sharp-edged, metal tools or even rough sponges. Moreover, look for more durable model of Teflon coats. Keep in mind the each nonstick product uses different type of coats. Teflon Platinum and Teflon Platinum Plus can resist damages better than some other coats.

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