Cuisinart GreenGourmet

If you think the PTFE-and PFOA-free or eco-friendly feature in cookware will have to sacrifice some parts of cooking performance for food safety, you’ll know ---not for this Cusinart GreenGourmet.

Cuisinart GreenGourmet

What we like: Reluctant to pick the green nonstick pots and pans as they’re lower heat performance than traditional nonstick? If yes, we highly recommend this Cuisinart GreenGourmet hard anodized line. With Cuisinart Ceramica nonstick surface, petroleum-free ceramic-based nonstick, it’s entirely free of PTFEs and PFOAs. While hard anodized alloy features higher heat absorption and evenly distribution, this eco-friendly cookware fulfills both nonstick and energy efficient, quickly and evenly heat.

After testing, it showed beautifully searing, browning and sautéing. In our views, this is a finest Teflon-free-based nonstick product in the market. For 500 degree F resistant, it works well in the oven and broiler, as well as freezer. Yet, as built for energy sufficient, it’s best use with low to medium-high heat.

As you may know, the design and construction is actually a big benefit of Cuisinart cookware. Lids, grips and handles are made for comfy and well-balanced to hold. The smoothly sloped and a rolled edge make easy pouring. Each pan is not too hefty, but feels solid enough. It’s not dishwasher-safe, but easy to clean.

For more reviews, this is a most talk green product after launched. Also, it was picked and optimistically testified by many pros, includes Apartment Therapy, Fine Cooking (for 12” skillet) and Good Housekeeping (A- rating). Most rated for good performance and construction. What’s more, it conforms to FDA and European RoHS standards, environmentally standard.

What we don't like: Like most nonstick, it needs more attention than other types of cookware. Avoid dishwashers, scratchy scrubs and metal utensils for keeping the nonstick coats longer. The manufacturer suggests using plastic, wood or nylon utensils. Moreover, the price is relatively high, but the quality is as advertised.

The Verdict

Overall, for fully nonstick, fulfilled performance, quality construction, usable design with no risky chemicals, the Green Gourmet is a great choice for going green and nonstick lifestyle while enjoying cookery experiences.

Product Specs:
Model GG-10, GG-12
Pot Material
Lid Material Stainless Steel
Handle Material 70% recycled stainless steel
Size 12 pieces:
- 1.5-quart saucepan w/cover
- 2.5-quart saucepan w/cover
- 3-quart sauté pan w/cover
- 6-quart stock pot w/cover
- 8" skillet
- 10" skillet w/cover
- Steamer Insert (fits 2.5 quart)
Heat Resistant
Handle Heat Resistant
Oven Safe
Dishwasher-Safe no
Broiler-Safe Yes
Induction Compatible no
Warranty Lifetime Limited
*Retail price at date of review

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