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10 Best Picks: Most Stylish Corkscrews

Corkscrew is a good aid for our pleasure dinner. Yet, it seems that there isn't come just a basic screw to popping the corks –it bring a great taste of wine and styles. We gathers some chic, but practical, cork pullers for delighted inspiration.

A di Alessi Parrot Sommelier-Style Corkscrew Precious Bird:
A di Alessi Parrot Proust, Sommelier

This famous tropical “Proust” parrot is great in functional, agronomical and beautiful corkscrew from Italian designer, Alessandro Mendini. This easy and beautiful gadget prompt for delighting your kitchen and good idea for a gift; $60.

Pisces Fish Multi-Lever Corkscrew Chrome Lazy Fish:
Pisces Fish Multi-Lever Corkscrew

If you’ve ever watched ‘Blood Into Wine’, you may ask for lazy fish –a rare product to find. Pisces Fish is pretty much look alike the original one –same distinguish design in shiny chrome, yet in a half price; $49.99.

Metrokane Vertical Rabbit Red Chic:
Metrokane Vertical Rabbit

An excellent all-around for awesome cork puller, this red rabbit is easy to use as using leverage mechanism. High quality, fast open, sleek stylish, 10-years warrantee and sexy color–such a great gear; $59.95.

WMF Vino Variable Wine and Processo Sophisticated Solid:
WMF Vino Variable Wine and Processo

Solid, sleek and functional tool. As a Winner of 2001 Good Design award, Vino Variable is truly classic, yet innovative tools of Studio Wagner. The central spiral let your extract the corks more safely and easily. This handsome guy is a real partner of home bartenders; $35.

Vacu Vin WineMaster Corkscrew Clear Mechanism:
Vacu Vin WineMaster Corkscrew

Well-engineered automatic corkscrew guaranteed from Good Housekeeping and Consumer Reports, the WineMaster requires only comfy 2 steps. Cool gadget for your table in affordable price; $54.99.

Boston Warehouse Blue Jay Something Blue:
Boston Warehouse Blue Jay

The cutest blue bird will bring you a happiness dinner dating. Well-finished, sturdy and whimsical wine puller, even for fool-proof persons. Perfect for wedding gift and special times; $14.95.

Bugatti Lola Tira White Angel:
Bugatti Lola Tira

Casa Bugatti, famous Italian designer, brings angle wings to your tabletop. This lever wine opener is transformed a common thing to artwork. Cozy and gorgeous looks for your fasinated night; $55-$70.

Blomus Racimo Modern Cross:
Blomus Racimo

Sleek designed corkscrew by SKS studio, Blomus Racimo is made of high quality of 18/10 stainless steel. Great display represents your modern styles; $20.92.

CBS Bill Clinton Corkscrew President’s Thing:
CBS Bill Clinton Corkscrew

This sexiest ex-president will guarantee amusing for any parties, even not political novelty. For more hilarious, adding the “Hillary nutcracker” for using her powerful legs for making docile Bill. A top secret–this gag gadget is very suit to gift for republican fans; $49.99.

A di Alessi Anna G. Cozy Lady:
A di Alessi Anna G.

Anna G. is a unique art of the Alessi Anna G. collection, that comes in various color. This practical yet funky gadget is a best-seller after first introduced 1994. This splurge wine puller is great for making your neighbor envy-some; $60.00.

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