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The Safe of Uses Hard-Anodized Cookware

There are some concerns about the safe of uses of hard-anodized aluminum, especially for food safety. However, this type of cookware is concerned to be good materials for these reasons:
  • PTFE- & PFOA-Free - Comparing to other traditional nonstick coats, hard-anodized alloy is concerned to be safe for cooking. This kind of cookware hasnít contained PTFE and PFOA like Teflon but being nonstick from its outer surface is oxidized with aluminum oxide, instead.
  • No Leached Aluminum - Since there are a number of scientific studies have indicated that aluminum is related to Alzheimer disease, as well as some types of cancer, aluminum pots and pans are considered as not-enough-safe cookware. The rising issue is the question on how safe of hard-anodized aluminum pans. In the fact that, firstly, the bare aluminum canít directly contact with food as its special production. Secondly, the very hard surface is scratch-resistant. Therefore, this can help protect food from aluminum toxin.

Nonetheless, how safe of this cookware depends on the production; the hard coat* has wide ranges of thickness and hardness. Remember, the harder coat, the safer use. As the results, most experts also recommend keeping away from scratchy or metal stuffs for longer life.
  • Eco-Friendly - FDA claims that the safe of this cookware base on the anodizer and the process. However, according to no RCRA heavy metals in procedure, it may defer the federal and state environmental regulations.

*Note That: Hard Coat refers to the hard, dense and thick coating which is thicker than 1.0 to 5.0 mm, as well as normally has Rockwell ďCĒ hardness ranging from 50 to 70. The coating type outstandingly features scratch, rubbing and abrasive resistance.

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