Staub Round Cocotte

If you’re the one who seek only the finest quality cookware, Staub shouldn’t be missed. In addition to the beautifully craft, this Cocotte is extremely functional and top-rated performance, guaranteed by pro chefs.

Staub Round Cocotte

What we like: To begin with, ‘La Cocotte’ may make a little confused by unfamiliar French word; however, this is the traditional French Oven for excellent roasts, stews, soups and casserole. We bet, the first impression of the pot is eye-catching color and gorgeous craft. After that, you will sooner find that it doesn’t only bring an end to the beauty, but also comes with incredible advantages.

For cooking ability point, this cocotte is perfect for any casserole recipes. The unique lid with spikes inside works great for trapping more moistures and steams, as well as fits snugly with the pot. As the result, the food tastes more juicy and delicious with less seasoning. Moreover, unlike others, Staub’s knob is made of nickel-stainless or brass which can be oven-safe to 500 degree F. Besides, this pot is the real green cookware---free from PFOA, PTFE, lead and cadmium.

The overall construction is very impressive---smooth, sturdy and striking. The black-matted enameled finish inside prevents from staining and discoloring. The pot looks noticeable heavy and indestructible, no chipping. We also love the wide handles are easy to grip with oven mitts. The bonus is the beautiful design and signature color (Black Matte, Graphite, Cherry, Basil, Dark Blue, Grenadine, Aubergine and Saffron) are enough to make your neighbors jealous!

For more reviews, Staub Cocotte is mentioned among pro chefs and food lovers, who love the taste of casseroles. It’s recommended as ‘a great Dutch Oven’ in The Kitchn and ‘Best Fitting Lid’ from FineCooking Magazine. However, it got B rating from Good Housekeeping for relatively high price. We’ve also found many positive ratings from reviewers in retailers online.

What we don't like: It’s noticeably pricey than others in the market, however, the price is comparative to Le Creuset. (Faith Durand, the kitchn’s executive editor confirms that it’s worth the money.) Another issue, like most good cast-iron tool, it’s heavy.

The Verdict

Overall, if the best quality of great taste is the top of what your need, this Staub Cocotte is extremely recommended. For beautiful craft, effective tool, durability and stunning design, it’s definitely worth every penny.

Product Specs:
Model 1102687
Pot Material
Lid Material Enameled cast-iron
Handle Material cast-iron
Size 2.75, 4, 5.5, 7, 9, 13.25 quart
Heat Resistant
Handle Heat Resistant
Oven Safe
Dishwasher-Safe Yes
Broiler-Safe n/a
Induction Compatible Yes
Warranty Limited lifetime
*Retail price at date of review

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