Lodge Logic Pre-Seasoned Skillet

Finding a workhorse gear for your kitchen, like a nice cast iron skillet? We (and most chefs) proudly present these must-have pans from Lodge with USA-made and 100 years of trusted workmanship.

Lodge Logic Pre-Seasoned Skillet

What we like: As every chef knows, a nice cast-iron skillet is must-have for every kitchen. As iron-made, this kind of pan heat slowly but it’s excellent for holding temperature, which makes evenly heat. Talking about Lodge, the company, as the American’s original cookware, is known for cast-iron cookware’s expert. This is one of those who can label ‘made in USA’, for trusted quality. What’s more? All you’ll have to pay is less than $25 for a 12” nice skillet---What’s a great bargain!

For cooking performance, one word, excellent. We love how evenly cook, heat retaining (even when turning off the burner), no hot spots and nonstick feature when properly seasoned. Unlike nonstick pan, it allows for high or low temperature cooking. Moreover, it’s versatile. This pan does the good job on the induction, gas or electric stoves, in the oven, as well as on campfire.

The overall workmanship feels indestructible and well-made. There’s no rough surface or sharp edge. The design is classic. We love an additional grip on the opposite edge of the handle, which make easier for carrying this heavy-weight pan around. We really love than Lodge has provided vast ranges of size for every purpose, from a pancake to the whole chicken roast. Again, the “Made in the US” and price label always sells us.

For more reviews, there’re tons of reviews that recommends in both experts and real users. To start with, Cook’s Illustrated gave ‘very good’ rating and recommended 12-inch skillet for exceptional performance. Likewise, Lodge’s skillets are praised from Good Housekeeping, Fine Cooking, The Kitchn, Martha Steward, and many famous foodie bloggers.

What we don't like: The big drawback is the weight. 5 pounds (without food inside) for 10-inch skillet is quite a pain for some women and arthritis people. Another issue, as made of iron, the handles will get very hot when heated which can be solve by a nice pair of oven mitts, like Ove Glove. The last hitch, the pan needs properly cleaning and seasoning for preventing iron rust.

The Verdict

Having a nice cast iron skillet is a treasure for every kitchen ---We strongly agree with this. For more 100 experiences, exceptional cooking ability, nice workmanship, Made-in-USA and attractive price, Lode Logic pre-seasoned skillet is outstanding here.

Product Specs:
Model 17L10SK3
Pot Material
Lid Material -
Handle Material cast-iron
Size 6.5, 8, 9, 10.25, 12, 13.25, 15, 17" open skillet
Heat Resistant
Handle Heat Resistant
Oven Safe
Dishwasher-Safe no
Broiler-Safe Yes
Induction Compatible Yes
Warranty -
*Retail price at date of review

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