Jetboil Flash Personal Cooking System

Jetboil Flash Personal Cooking System

Editor’s Review

Looking for an extremely useful tool for backpack? Everyone who is fond of outdoor activities might know that enough hot water is an absolutely essential for every meal. While most camp cookware consumes too much fuels and times to heat, the JetBoil Flash is distinctive; itís faster heat with little energy. The Flash comes with innovative system, the efficient design which has adjustable self-burner and insulated cup. In fact, it works like an instant pot in incredibly quick time Ėwithin less than 3 minutes for two cups water (up to weather condition, though).

The design is well-engineered and practical for any tough conditions. The entire system is fulfilled Ėno more parts or stoves, as well as easy to setup and tear down. The helpful indictor will change color when ready to serve. The assembly is safe and reliable. Say, this is a safest cooking system out there. The performance is terrific as it can boil 12 liters (100 cups) of water from 100 grams of Jetpower fuel. Also, weíre impressed by lightweight and compact size enough for easy packing to high country or even outdoor party.

In our views, the JetBoil Flash is must-have for backpackers for easy to use, 15.25-once weight with compact size and fast boils in every types of weather. Also, this is a most energy-efficient and safe-to-use camp cookware in the market. From expertís views, the JetBoil won Editors' Choice Award 2010 from Backcountry Magazine. Also, itís awarded by ISPO in sport category. Itís recommended as the useful gear by many outdoor enthusiasm bloggers and real users, as well.


Model No: 791308
Best Use: Backpacking*
Materials: FluxRing cooking vessel; Isobutane propane canister fuel
Size: 1 Liter
Weight: 0.953 lbs (9.25 oz for cup and 6 oz for canister)
Dimension: 7.1 x 4.5 x 4.1 inches
Fuel Type: Isobutane propane (Canister)
Heat Temp: -

*categorized into: Backpacking, Campfire, Car Camping, Coffee & Tea, RV trip

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