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T-fal is a French brand known for consumer products and appliances. In 1950s, after Marc Grégoire, the founder and French engineer, invented PTFE pan, the first nonstick pan was introduced to the world. By the end of 1961, T-fal was introduced in the US and placed the order by 7,500 pans a week. For years after, the company has successfully launched new ranges of nonstick cookware. The key-success came from their invention of the Thermo-Spot technology and noticeably harder coat which was designed for metal utensils. The company is now held by Groupe SEB.

After the cookware has kindly greeted, the brand extends the lines to small appliances, such as iron, deep fryer, toaster, electric kettle, blender, food processor, slow cooker and rice cooker. The highlights that win consumers are modish designs which goes with ‘fit-the-life-style functions, as well as easy to uses in payable price. Today, T-fal is accepted for nonstick cookware, electrical cooking appliances, food and beverage preparation and iron in 120 countries.

For cookware line, as said, T-fal is the leading brand of nonstick pots and pans. The Ultimate Nonstick, Signature and Professtional series are popular among nonstick lovers, while Ultimate Copper-Bottom Stainless is listing in the best-selling chart.

Featured Sets

T-fal Ultimate Hard Anodized E918SC64
T-fal Ultimate Hard Anodized E918SC64

12-pc, Hard Anodized Aluminum, Oven-Safe 350°F
If you need a simple but durable set of nonstick which allows for metal utensil and dishwasher, the T-fal Ultimate is an interesting candidate. The clever thermo-spot indicator is useful for preventing over burns. Above all, the price tag shows outstanding value.
Rating:  B+

T-fal Ultimate Stainless Steel Copper Bottom
T-fal Ultimate Stainless Steel Copper Bottom

12-pc, Stainless with Copper Disc Bottom, Oven-Safe 550°F/ lids 350°F
This is a wise bet to get a nice 12-piece stainless set without breaking the bank. This T-Fal Ultimate provides multi-layer stainless-steel base encapsulates with thick copper disc. What’s more? It offers pro-look, dishwasher safe and useful measurement inside.
Rating:  A-

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