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Circulon Cookware

For Healthy Food with Good Lifestyle

Circulon, the renowned cookware brand, is found by Meyer Group, like Anolon, in 1985. The brand is famous for hard-anodized nonstick cookware. The selling point of the brand is the utilizing of the superior nonstick technology and TOTAL Food Release System (by DoPont), noticeable circular ring on the bottom of the pan, which create the totally nonstick and harden finishes. As the results, Circulon is promoted as a brand of healthy and easy cooking, as well as attractive design for home chefs, in reasonable price.

Circulon is greatly welcomed by nonstick lovers. There’re many notable product lines standing on best-selling ranks, for examples, Circulon Infinite and Symmetry (the newer version of Infinite) which are suitable for induction cooktop and dishwasher. While their other lines, such as Circulon Elite, Acclaim and Contempo, are also highly admired by many reputable reviewers.

Today, Good news for us all, Circulon steps on going-green trend. As Meyer’s policy, the company sets up ‘Green Vision Statement’, which utilizes more in recycling, conservation, innovation and green energy method.

Featured Sets

Circulon Symmetry
Circulon Symmetry

11-pc, Hard-Anodized Aluminum, Oven-Safe 400°F
Circulon Symmetry does everything as promised---heats evenly, noticeably durable surfaces that release foods easily, dishwasher-safe, and works impressive on most stoves, includes induction ranges, with up to 400°F heat resistant. The construction feels sturdy and quality-made, but not too hefty to hold. Plus, the rich chocolate-color, elegant look makes a bunch feel pleasing investment.
Rating:  A

Circulon Contempo
Circulon Contempo

10-pc, Hard-Anodized Aluminum, Oven-safe 400°F
At the first pace, what to win is the unique and stylish look. Yet, when talking about cooking quality, we’ve found that Circulon Contempo does really pleased nonstick pans with evenly heat. The construction is well-built for years long. The pans got High rating from Good HouseKeeping.
Rating:  A-

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