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Anolon Cookware

For cooking with innovative nonstick, authentic quality and passionate style

In 1989, Anolon is branding by Meyer Corporation, the worlds leader cookware company. This new company aims to produce top-notch nonstick cookware by utilizing the benefits of hard-anodized process and finest nonstick coats available, as well as strongly accents for good craftsmanship and practically beautiful design. Unsurprisingly, when the first product, Anolon Gourmet line had launched at that year, its promptly recognized among customers who seek for high quality.

In 2003, the remarkable product, so-called Anolon Advanced, is introduced to the market. As featuring hard-anodized material, DuPont Autograph2 and luxurious SureGrip for more comfortable and strong handling, it has succeed again and stayed in top seller in many retailers since then. Also, the line is expended to bakeware, cutlery and other kitchen tools. In 2009, the real top-of-the-line product, the Nouvelle Copper was released, which has superior features of a copper base in hard-anodized material, together with excellent nonstick coat.

Today, Anolon stands gracefully in upper-market cookware, includes stainless cookware and other kitchenware, from its trustful quality, well-built coat and practical design.

Featured Sets

Anolon Nouvelle Copper
Anolon Nouvelle Copper

11-pc, Hard-Anodized Aluminum, Oven-Safe 500F
For experienced cooks, having cooking gears that feature high productivity, excellent craft and nice ergonomic design is something significant. If that could mean, Anolon Nouvelle Copper should be claimed for the cookware for pros.
Rating:  A-

Anolon Advanced Bronze
Anolon Advanced Bronze

11-pc, Hard-Anodized Aluminum, Oven-safe 400F
Anolon Advance Bronze comes with unbeatable performance in bargained price. With hard-anodized aluminum body, it offers rapid and even heat distribution and very slick surface for successful fragile recipes, as well as durability and bronze beauty. Also, it features oven-safe up to 400°F and soft-grip handles for easy and comfortable maneuver, recommended by Good Housekeeping.
Rating:  A

Anolon Ultra Clad
Anolon Ultra Clad

10-pc, Brushed stainless, Aluminum core, Oven-safe 400F
Quality, efficiency and luxury design---these features are in Anolon Ultra Clad, testified by Consumer Reports. Whats more? This is a brilliant combination of cooking performance, clad quality and stunning beauty.
Rating:  A-

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