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We know that finding a best match pots and pans for your kitchen is sometimes not easy, hard to understand, and very opinionated by ads, then our goal is to provide you with unbiased, honest information, easy-to-browse guides with links directly to stores that carry them.

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Cookware Buying Guides

Buying a cookware set can be an enjoyable experience, but also a challenge due to the variety of choices of them on the market. Whether you’re looking for your first set or replacing an old one, there are 5 important things you should consider before you go shopping:

1. What’s Your Cooking Styles?

Of all, your cooking will determine your best cookware. If don’t know where to start, these should be questioned when looking for a cookware set:
  • Health Conditions: Some of us never concern about the safe of use since most cookware’s manufacturers on the market do tell you they’re safe most. However, this is the first thing you should beware. Not only safe brands, or safe production, but also considering safe for your heath conditions. For example, 18/10 stainless-steel is the very high-quality of cookware; however, stay away from it if you’re suffering from nickel allergenic. Learn more about safe materials.
  • Your Cooking Habits: How much will you be cooking? Do you frequently eat out and buy convenience food or love to prepare meals from fresh ingredients. Your cooking habit will tell you what types of cookware that you will really need. For those who live with microwave food, you won’t need the ‘chef’s copper set’ for making easy dishes.
  • Expected Cuisine: Do you tends to make a pasta, soups, or deep fry? There are special pots and pans or cooking set that suit for preparing these types of food. There are points to know about materials and food safety–some food may not safe in some containers. For example, acidic menus, tomato sauces, can dissolve ‘unsafe’ chemicals from copper pot. Or, if you’re stick with high-temperature cooking, nonstick pan is not for you.
  • Quantity: Will you be cooking for 2 or big party groups? 8-pieces or 14-pieces of cookware set is up to your normal food feeding. Having the right size of the set will make ease to preparing your food. Sometimes buying a big set is a money-wasting, not a good investment.

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