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We know that finding a best match pots and pans for your kitchen is sometimes not easy, hard to understand, and very opinionated by ads, then our goal is to provide you with unbiased, honest information, easy-to-browse guides with links directly to stores that carry them.

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Things To Know Before Buying Cookware

Buying a cooking set can be an enjoyable experience, but also a challenge due to the variety of choices of them on the market. Whether you’re looking for your first set or replacing an old one, there are 5 important things you should consider before you go shopping:

4. What The Good Cookware Looks Like ?

What design to look for in a great cookware is not only stylish, but good physical construction that make it easy to use, feel comfortable and safe to use–prevent burns and heating.
  • Useful Pieces Ideally, buying a la carte (or selected pieces) is the best suit for your needs. However, this way costs such an expensive, especially for those high brands. Buying a suitable set is reasonable for your budget. If you’re looking for a good set of cookware, choose a combination pieces of useful pots and pans. From Cooking’s Illustrated, the recommended pieces should includes 2- and 4-quart saucepans, roomy skillets (10” to 12” skillets), stockpot and Dutch oven. While other gimmicks for special uses, such as 1-quart saucepan or 8” skillet, should be neglected -or else you need a small pan for melting butter.
  • Well Agronomic-Designed Handles: For a good cooking set, it should not be only great for your kitchen decoration, but also great cooking performance. Make sure that the pans are oven proof to 400-500 degrees with stainless handles and the lid fits and makes good feeling in your hand. Further, the handles must easy to grip and feel ‘cool or warm’ when get heat.
  • Good Weight Balance: Don’t forget to take the weight into your consideration if you don’t want to find a lighter set so sooner. The best cookware should not too heavy to carry or too light to get balance while cooking.
  • Fit Lids: Ensure that the lids are not too tight when closed –let a little steam to escape. Some of us prefer glass lids to see food when cooking. In some great cooking set, you’ll find that each piece comes with its lid except for the skillets, such as Cuisinart cook set. This is very value, because you don’t need to spend more for additional ones later.
  • Safe Rims: Check the rim that it has round-shaped and smooth edges for make it easy to pour and not cut your fingers. Some cheap pot has very thin and shape rim, that make it not safe when cooking and cleaning.
  • Easy to Clean: If you don’t want to struggle with cleaning your pots, nonstick surface is worth for considering. Typically, nonstick and hard-anodized aluminum surfaces are easier to clean than stainless or copper. For those who addict with dishwasher, dishwasher-safe gear is your good choice. Yet, remember that hand wash is still better for most cookware.
  • Long-time Warrantee: Most high brands comes with lifetime warranties, which ensure their quality. While normal brands on the market has limited warranties. Check this before buying.

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